Weekly Handicap Singles

We are now moving to the Spring Schedule for Handicap Singles effective April 1st.

Club Sponsored Handicap Singles

Each Sunday @ 10AM @ Crane Creek

$6.00 per player
$4.00 payout
$1.00 club
$1.00 Ace Pool

Our rounds are also Bag Tag Challenges if you own a tag but tags are not required to play. Tag awards use scratch scores.

CTP award each round. Award given plus CTP Chit. Collect 5 chits and receive a free round. Collect 10 Chits and receive a $20 gift certificate to Amazon or Underrated Disc Golf.

* Three weeks participation required to establish a handicap. During that time, players are NOT eligible to win a handicap award. HOWEVER, they are still eligible to win the HOT ROUND (best scratch score) or an ACE POOL.

* Handicaps are recalculated each week using the newest five-week scratch scores. Each week the oldest score rolls off, the highest and lowest are dropped and the remain three week are averaged and normalized to the course par (54). The normalization value (+/-) is your handicap that is added or subtracted from your raw (scratch) score for your final score.

HOT ROUND is determined using scratch scores and everyone is eligible. The value of the HOT ROUND is generally equal to the second place award.

If the same player scores both the HOT ROUND and a final placement, he will be awarded the highest value. In this case, the HOT ROUND award will be divided between the placing winners. (This is a change from the previous usage in which it was awarded to the next lowest scratch score)

Depending on the number of players participating for the week, we will pay out up to the best five handicap scores.

Only one award is given per player with the ACE POOL being the exception.

Ties are always played off, even for the HOT ROUND.

If a player has to leave before awards are calculated, his award (and bag tag if necessary) will be saved for him, unless he designates someone to collect for him.


One dollar for each player is accumulated in an ACE POOL that all players are eligible to win. Any participating player that aces any hole is awarded the accumulated value of the pool including what was added that day.

The ACE POOL is “capped” at $250 at which time a new pool is started. A winner is awarded the oldest pool. Only one ACE POOL is awarded per round. If two player ace in a round, they split the pool. At Crane Creek, an ACE POOL will never be less than $20.

This Activity supports CTP Chits!