Random Draw Doubles

We also administer the weekly Random Draw Doubles which are held at the Taylor Mountain Course.

Participation is $6.00 per player
$1 goes to the club (United Flyers of Sonoma)
$1 goes into the Ace Pool
$4 is paid out (that would be $8.00 per team).

Players register for either “A” pool (pro-level players who constantly shoot at least 5 under par for the course) or “B” pool (most average players). Teams are formed by random draw. Depending on the number of players signing up in each category, we make every effort to pair a “B” pool player with an “A” pool player to create a balanced team. Under most circumstances, we will never have a team consisting of two “A” pool players.

In the case of an uneven number of participants, the odd player will play under NorCal “Calie” rules (Calie player gets two drives).

**We reserve the right to “bump” players based on historic performance.

Payout is dependant on the number of players but in general:
Under 14 players we pay out 1st and 2nd only, 14 and above we pay out as many places as possible but the lowest paid out position will never receive less than $10 ($5 per player).

Every round has a CTP (closest to pin) award and this activity supports CTP Chits.