Ace Race

Each fall, usually just before Halloween, Crane Creek joins courses across the country as a site for the Annual Discraft sponsored Ace Race.

The Ace Race is a NON-SANCTIONED just-for-the-^##@!-of-it event open to players of any skill level, whether a PDGA member or not. Players pay a minimal fee to “beta test” the newest Discraft plastic and pit their skill level against that of their friends. Each player receives a player’s package worth at least twice their entry fee and the top winner receives a “Tournament-ready” package that includes a bag, discs and everything they need to play a winning round of disc golf.

We encourage participants to respond to Discraft with their evaluation of each year’s program discs. Your reviews will determine which discs actually make it to market.

For those who haven’t attended one of our Ace Races before, we set ours up slightly different from the DiscCraft Standard.

  1. All our holes are shortened to less than 200 ft to promote the Ace.
  2. We play only the front part of the course.
  3. nstead of 2 rounds of 18 holes, we play 4 rounds of 9 holes.
  4. We score on a points system as follows.
    • Ace with a disc from the players pack, 10 points
    • Ace with one of your discs, 7 points
    • metal chains and up, 3 points
    • metal basket and down, 1 point.

In addition to the Discraft grand prize award, we award trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places and surprise awards. The actual Ace Race is followed up with a round of Random draw Doubles (played across the entire course) with Ace Pool and CTP.

All in all, a great day of casual fun. Watch our site for announced dates each year. On-line registrations are accepted through Disc Golf Scene and we do accept Day-of-Race on-site registrations although we cannot guarantee a player’s package for day-of registrations.

The 2017 Race

This year, for the first time, The Ace Race will be held at the Taylor Mountain Course on Saturday, October 28th. Checkin will begin at 8:30AM and Tee-off will be at 10:00AM.

Online Registration:
All Players $30 @ DiscGolf Scene
Online Registration Closes: October 15, 2017.

Because we have to place our order for player packs at least one week before the event, the only way you can be assured of a package is by pre-registration. There will be only a few extra packages ordered so pre-reg please.

Player package:
All 2017 players received two identical Discraft ESP blend prototype discs made especially for this year’s Ace Race, plus a Discraft t-shirt, Mini Buzzz, a Snap Cap micro mini, reuseable scorecard, and a vinyl sticker. That’s sixty-eight bucks worth of gear, all included with your entry fee!