Current Event

Results are in for Our First Amateur Only Tournament

Preliminary Results: (with divisional corrections)

Advanced – 2 players
Vince Ferracuti 54 !st $7.50
Intermediate 5 players
Lucas Judson 54 1st $17
Nick Paris 58 2nd $11
Scalesi 59 3rd $9
Christian Kuhrts 59
Dane DeMattei 65
Novice 6 players
Jesse McNabb 53 1st $21
Bill Singer 59 2nd $14
Reece Moore 61 3rd $11
Zack Koback 62
Miguel Castillo 65
Russell Mortensen DNI
Novice Women 2 players
Jessica Ferracuti 74 1st $15
Abegail Sapida 88

Huge thanks go out to Dale Gatlin who stopped by (on his birthday no less) and gave our clinic! Everyone said they learned a lot and loved the clinic. Dale did a tremendous job and we can’t thank him enough! We owe you Dale!!

For Info: email edie dot houston at gmail dot com.